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Welcome to Midwestern Plastic Products, your probably saying to yourself right now...is this really necessary? Well my web designer thought we needed some kind of biography. Here is the story...Midwestern Plastic Products was born out of necessity. Plastic blocks and protective chips have been around since the dawn of carpet cleaning. And where does one turn when ordering something so relatively in coincidental? – Answer: Midwestern Plastic Products. The best way to serve the carpet cleaning industry was to consolidate these two forms of carpet cleaning protection into one company and offer a selection of products, sizes and quantities at a fair price. After checking out the blocks and chips if you have any questions or need help placing an order call me, and if we’re not too busy stamping out the next pile of blue foam blocks, we’ll pickup the phone and walk you through an order.

Remember we also offer a FREE sample pack of our chips and blocks product which isn’t enough to protect a whole home and score you tens of thousands of dollars, but it is enough to protect one room while your working on your next million dollar carpet cleaning project!


Midwestern Plastic Products
2205 Forte Court
Maryland Heights, MO 63043